Mea Culpa

Where I Came From

I am an L.A. guy. I was born there. I was raised there. I went to school there. Until recently I lived there. The city is a watermark in all of my novels. Hold a page up to the light, you'll see the letters, L.A.

What I Do

I make something out of nothing. That’s called art.

My art is writing novels. I have written short stories, which are tales made with too much heat and too little dough. If you don’t break your teeth biting into them, they are art.

I don’t write the same kind of story twice. That makes me unlike almost every other writer working today. It means I’m difficult to market. So be it. Art, once again, you see.

How I Do It

I try to keep the words sparse. I really do. It's a partnership, writer to reader, and you don't want the words to get in the way. Still, sometimes you've just got to write.

The story dictates the style and I rarely write in the same style twice. I want to be surprised as much as the reader, so I don't outline what I'm working on. Sometimes, rarely, but sometimes a character takes over a book, just steps out and says, "OK, I'm taking it from here." I always let them do this. They know where they're going better than I do.

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